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Keyman Insurance

What Is Keyman Protection?

Keyman income protection is an insurance policy where the life to be insured is that of the employee. The proposer and premium payer will be the employer and in the case of a claim, the benefit will go to the employer. Keyman income protection can be the key to ensuring your business avoids disruption.

For example, a small dental practice with 2 dentists and their administrator Sarah, has been running for 10 years. Sarah is in charge of the computer system, organising all of the client data and all of the customers make lovely remarks about how lovely she is. When Sarah goes away on holiday, the two dentists struggle with the computer system so when she comes back, they are overjoyed. Unfortunately, Sarah suddenly passes away and the dentists are left to deal with their new computer system themselves. While they struggle to get acquainted with the system, they miss a few of their appointments and word gets out surrounding the dramatic drop in customer service. In order to keep up with demand, they hire someone after a few brief interviews, however, after a few more weeks of trouble, the new appointment does not work out.

How Does Keyman Income Protection Help Avoid This Situation?

Another local dental practice took out a keyman protection insurance policy on their administrator Jill. Jill also suddenly passed away, however, the keyman insurance policy paid out £50,000 to the dental practice. Jill’s salary was £25,000 per year and the cost of a recruiter was £3,000. The dentists also thought it would be a good idea to take a crash course training day and spent £500 to learn their new computer system as well. After familiarizing themselves with the computer system and being able to get someone professionally qualified to find the most suitable candidate for their practice, the dental practice continued to thrive, despite the loss of their key member Jill. They were also able to save out of pocket costs to hire the new replacement, fund their own training, as well as finding a quality recruiter who would talk to them and understand the criteria of who they were looking for. All with keyman protection insurance.

How Can I Take Out Keyman Income Protection for My Business?

That’s where we can help! Arrange a time to speak to a Keyman Business Protection specialist.