What’s your cancellation policy?

You may cancel at any time during the policy, within the first 30 days with some providers you will be covered under the "cooling off period" which would result in refunded premiums by the provider.

Can I still have my policy if I move abroad?

Yes, with some companies as long as you keep up with your payments, others will retain the right to cancel your policy, always discuss your circumstances with your Financial Adviser to make sure you have the right plan for your individual circumstances.

Do you charge for the advice?

No! Here at Weystone Financial we work to give you the best advice that we can, sometimes we aren't the best option but giving you the right option puts our clients at ease that we recommend what's best for them. *For Insurance Protection*


I'm slightly overweight but my insurance premiums are a bit high?! Every provider will do the same right?

Every provider has their own criteria, our expertise will enable you to know which companies are the best fit for you!


I have diabetes so no one will insure me and if they do my prices will be through the roof?!

Not so fast...we do our due diligence here at Weystone , some providers will be more lenient than others with certain medical or occupational details. Some providers with a good HBA1C history might not change the price at all! Speak to us.

I gave up smoking last year but I like to vape and use e-cigarettes now, every one will count me as a smoker still?

You're correct, most companies will consider you as a smoker, however we have access to a provider (CanadaLife) who will classify you as a smoker, BUT give you a non smokers discounted rate!!